Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle Bus service is currently suspended and will resume from 29th April - 30th June

Portobello Shuttle Bus Service

Services operates: Mon-Fri (excluding public holidays) To avoid any disruption to your journey, we recommend that you book this service in advance, as spaces are limited. Booked passengers will be boarded first, and where there are additional spaces or a passenger does not show up, then additional passengers will be boarded on a first come first served basis.
MORNING SHUTTLESThe Shuttle bus will be leaving from outside the front of Chapter Portobello, and you can depart at any of the scheduled stops.  Shuttle #1: Departs 07:30
  • 07:30 Departs: Chapter Portobello  
  • 07:40 Arrives: Westbourne Park 
  • 07:50 Arrives: Notting Hill Gate  
  • 08:15 Arrives: Imperial College   

Shuttle #2: Departs 08:45
  • 08:45 Departs: Chapter Portobello
  • 08:55 Arrives: Westbourne Park 
  • 09:05 Arrives: Notting Hill Gate 
  • 09:40 Arrives: Imperial College 

EVENING SHUTTLESThe bus will be leaving from the main gates at Imperial College, you can board at any of the stops.
Shuttle #3: Departs 17:00
  • 17:00 Departs: Imperial College
  • 17:15 Arrives: Noting Hill Gate
  • 17:25 Arrives: Westbourne Park
  • 17:30 Arrives: Chapter Portobello

Shuttle #4 - Departs 18:45
  • 18:45 Departs: Imperial College
  • 18:55 Arrives: Noting Hill Gate
  • 19:05 Arrives: Westbourne Park 
  • 19:10 Arrives: Chapter Portobello