Guest Bed Rental

If you have family or friends coming to visit you, you can order a guest bed to ensure their stay is much more comfortable.

Easy as 1-2-3

BOOKSelect the date and number of nights
DELIVEREDWe deliver to your room
COLLECTWe collect from your room
Pricing: From 1-7 nights
What's Included: Our luxury fold up single bed, with Memory foam mattress is supplied with a duvet, pillow and sheets. ūüí§¬†
1-2 Nights
3 Nights
4 Nights
5 Nights
6 Nights
7 Nights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guest bed service?

How long can I rent a guest bed?

Where does the bed get delivered?

Do I have to order in advance?

How does the collection happen?

Bed Rental T&Cs

1. Minimum Bed rental is based on a 2 night rental even if placed for 1 night. Lost, Stolen Damaged or stained hired good 2. You become responsible for the goods when you receive them. Your responsibilities include protecting the Goods and keeping them safe from the weather, theft, vandalism, improper use or other risks may affect them. 2.a. You are also responsible that the Goods and all the respective pertaining, such as single components, single parts and any other element which was hired, will be returned clean and undamaged. In case of damage, dirt or unclean conditions of the returned Goods, You must pay all the costs for repairing or cleaning or replacing the Goods. We and/or the Lessor shall have at our sole discretion the power to decide whether to repair or replace the damaged Goods. 2.b. In case of lost, stolen or destroyed Goods, you will have to pay an amount equivalent to the value of the goods when it was new.  2.c. You must not sell or in any way give up control of the Goods. Every damage, loss or theft may have affected the Goods will be charged to you. Hiring Procedure 
3. We will organise the delivery of the Goods. We will provide you with the Goods at the places you specified and at the scheduled time. You must be punctual and at the agreed place for receiving the Goods. 3.a. We do not take any responsibility if the delivery or return doesn’t take place due to Your fault. It is your responsibility, to have access to the room at the time for the delivery and the collection. 3.b Possible costs and penalties deriving from wrong information provided by You while placing the order will be charged directly to you.  3.c You agree and recognise that we have the right to appoint third party delivery companies in order to perform all the delivery. 3.d No bed can be sub rented to another resident.